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body studio

Creative Branding & Art Production


Was hired for a spring internship with local Lubbock small business, Body Studio. They were in need of brand refresh and new brand imagery. 

After an initial meeting withe the studio owner we discussed what they felt the current branding lacked and what they would like the future branding to convey. The current branding lacked cohesion and wasn't a proper reflection of the studio itself. The studio owner worked hard with interior designers to curate the space of the studio itself & the branding didn't match the studios same vibe. It was important to create a new brand image that synced with the studio itself.


The studio owner wanted to bring in the strong earth tones and base inspiration from the many plants that fill the studio. She liked brands that combined both modern and sleek lines with an incorporation of more organic lines as well. She also liked continuing to use the letter B as a secondary logo.

I also met with the instructors to do a photo and video shoot to allow for content that matched the new brand image. Edited the content to match with the color scheme and new branding. This is what provided sychrozation from the studio to social media.

E158925B-8C91-4997-AEA9-A0307047D379 2.JPEG
Artboard 1 copy 8.png
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