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Tinder Campaign

National Student Advertising Competition

Tinder asked us to pitch a campaign that created brand love for a target audience of 18-19 year olds, that they weren't able connect with currently. Working on The Bullet Advertising Team, I assisted in creating the media and promotional plans that brought our creative teams ideas to life. 

Our research showed, Tinder held a brand image of being hyper sexualized, and their current branding was further pushing the ideas of "hook up culture." Our goal was to create a campaign centered around adding more depth without losing the fun and playful side of Tinder's brand personality.

We pitched Tinder our campaign, "Take It Off."

While playing off the idea of taking off clothing in order to continue Tinder's current branding, we added much more depth behind the idea. We created a campaign that challenges our target audience to take off whatever labels, stereotypes, or expectations that are holding them back from creating a connection with someone else.

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Promotional Team

With our target audience having missed out on so many events due to COVID-19, we made sure our campaign had very strong promotions to engage with our TA and convey the idea, "Take It Off." ​

We wanted to create promotions that connected Tinder to our TA more personally than they had been before. Our big event was a fashion show titled "Express Yourself."It is an event that allows members from our target audience to work alongside Tinder in producing the show. This event gives Tinder the opportunity to connect with the community 

Media Team

Our media team made sure to produce a strong media plan, in order to accurately target our highly digital TA. Tinder's current social media lacked continuity and engagement, because they weren't adjusting to what their target audience expects to see from the brands they follow. Through our research, we were able to see that the TA engages with and adjusted Tinder's social media image accordingly.

Throughout all social media platforms, we emphasized the importance of posting organic content. The TA engages with brands that come off as real and relatable; something Tinder wasn't currently doing. We did that by creating a Tinder influencer list, that would post scheduled, but yet organic content that tied back to our central idea, "Take It Off." We made sure to include influencers that ranged from micro to macro, with each of them targeting a different type of audience, within our TA, in order to maximize our impressions. 

On Tinder's social medias, we made sure to create constant and aesthetic content. With doing that, it increases the chance of our target audience reposting the content, thus increasing the reach of our message. 


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