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FUn Extras!

SOcial Media rEbrands

Texas Tech Climate Center 

Part of my digital and social media class was picking an organization on campus, and analyzing their socials, then creating a content calendar that would increase their engagement.

I chose the Texas Tech Environmental Center, as they were struggling with keeping a consistent feed, and had a lack of engagement with their content.


While working with Tinder for the NSAC, we looked heavily at their social media presence compared to other brands they considered their competitors. They lacked a consistent theme and uneven engagement ratio compared to their competitors. On the right you can see our proposed Instagram layout changes.

phonto 12.JPG

Wall Posters

3E2F5934-1A6E-4ACA-B434-0888B5181813 2_edited.jpg
A3D27AF6-FEEF-4248-8709-4522CB010EA1 2_edited.jpg
phonto 9.JPG
phonto 11.JPG
phonto 10.JPG
phonto 8.JPG
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